It’s not new for most of us because it was derived from the famous soccer or football

Foosball parts: How to play foosball, in a nutshell


There is something out there that you can consider and categorize to be both as a game and sport in one. It’s table soccer or popularly called as foosball.

For many years, people who love to play this game has chosen to treat it as a sport – having different levels for professionals and amateurs and there has been a growing number of foosball competitions worldwide.

This game is really something to enjoy regardless of your skill!

How to play

Origination in North America and with rules almost the same from football, the game’s goal is utilizing the control of the different knobs to get your ball into the opponent’s side.

What’s also unique about this game is there are no unified rules. Because of the existence of different foosball associations, there are also a different set of rules for each, even varying in countries and cities.

Basically, there are 13 player figures in the game. All you have to do is to drive your ball towards the target. It might sound easy but remember, it’s not only you doing that, but everybody!

The game essentials

If your goal is to win, you must be the first team to get the five points. There are also different types of games, depending on how you would want to play it and what rules you want to follow.

For you to achieve an exciting game, of course, you must have the set that it requires. A usual foosball table has foosball parts and accessories which includes the foosball men, which are the main characters in this game, the foosball balls, rods, bumpers, caps, and bearings. There should also be scoring units and table cover. You can find and buy it all here.

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