There were some rules imposed to play casino, like wearing formal dress code with three-cornered hat and mask

Interesting History of Casino Game


Casino is a familiar game, helps people to overcome the worries and indulge in the games that are playing with cards, dices and slot games.  Agen taruhan, taruhan judi were only the mediating factors of playing gambling. These days, people go with playing judi online, judi online uang aslito get the most out of it rather than going to the casinos.

  • Origin of casino

Casino was first originated in the mid-18th century, in 1744 and the first gambling house was organized in Ridotto, Venice.

  • British casinos

In the late eighteenth century, the center of the British gambling was moved to London after enormous number of clubs were discovered. These clubs were first introduced in coffee houses and the places were privileged people used to meet. The oldest gentlemen’s club was first originated from chocolate house.

  • Biggest wins

The largest jackpots that was won at the slots was on 31st march 2003 in Las Vegas.  Average winner hitting big on slots various from 10%- 20% return. A 25 years old person won the jackpot of $39,710,826.36 playing $100 from megabucks machine.

  • Legend of the gambling world

Archie Koras is the legend of the gambling world, who broke the record of millionaires around the world. His longest winning streak was from $50 to $40 million in just 3 years and lost it all again the next year. Though, it didn’t really affect him at any cost.

  • Poker Player

A professional footballer, Teddy Sheringham is also a casino celebrity as he was found to be competing number of poker tours in Europe and World Series of poker at Las Vegas. He managed to earn total of $330,000in tournaments.

  • Longest poker game ever

Poker is a game that lasts for almost a month or two. But this was a historical record in 1881 at a basement theatre of Arizona, where the game lasted for about eight years, five months and three days.


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